• 2021

    • Characterizing Team Passing Behavior in Elite Football: A Topological Approach, Athens University of Economics & Business, Athens, Greece, Abstract
  • 2020

    • Mathematical Modelling in Professional Sport, University of Toronto Sports Analytics Seminar, Toronto, Canada, Video
    • Team Passing & Movement Analysis in Professional Football: Applied Discrete Methods, University of Delaware: Discrete Math Seminar, Delaware, USA, Abstract
    • Flows, Braids & Fractal Dynamics: Understanding Patterns of Play in Professional Football, Queen’s University: Dynamics, Geometry & Groups Seminar, Kingston, Canada, Abstract
    • Topological Data Analysis in Football, Queen’s University: Topological Data Analysis Seminar, Kingston, Canada, Abstract
    • An Integrative Approach to Analyzing Football from Algebraic Topology, University of Toronto: ASSU URC, Toronto, Canada
  • 2019

    • Hyper-networks for Team Selection in Professional Soccer, Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, Kingston, Canada, Abstract
    • Structuring Patterns in Team Movement and Performance from Vector Fields and Fractal Dynamics, MathSport International 2019, Athens, Greece, Abstract
    • Weaving the Fabric of Football, University of Toronto: ASSU URC, Toronto, Canada
  • 2018

    • The Math Behind Match Analysis, National Soccer Coaches’ Association of Canada, Vaughan, Canada
  • 2017

    • Soccer Science: Bio-Mechanics, Soccer Fitness Trainer’s Course, Vaughan, Canada
    • Quantifying Human Motion & Technology in Bio-Mechanics, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada
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