A State of Football, Part II: Inter-Player Dynamics

In my previous post I outlined some of the basics behind considering football as a dynamical system and how we might proceed to synthesize an attractor to study the movement dynamics of a team. To summarize, a team can be described by a set of variables like its center of mass (i.e. position) and theContinue reading “A State of Football, Part II: Inter-Player Dynamics”

Mathematical Design in the Islamic World

Geometric patterns are a prevalent feature in Islamic art and architecture, the complexity of which ranges from simple polygon tiling to multi-layered, fractal structures. Here I look at some famous patterns which occur in Islamic geometric design, and try to break down some of the neat mathematical features behind each one. In addition, I’ve added in a few interactive modules to play around with, which hopefully are a) fun and b) provide a better visual intuition.

The Messi Project, Part II: LM10 vs CR7

Perhaps the greatest footballing rivalry ever, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have consistently topped the charts of football in terms of performance stats and accolades; and yet they couldn’t be more different in terms of their footballing style. In this post I introduce topological data analysis and how it can tell us about what exactly makes these players so special.

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